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University of Regensburg
University of Regensburg
Regensburg, Germany

University of Regensburg

Universität Regensburg, founded in 1962 as the fourth Bavarian regional university, is a modern campus university at the southern edge of the Old Town of Regensburg. Originally designed as a regional university, Universität Regensburg has developed into a renowned international centre of teaching and research over the last decades. Among its attractive features are a broad spectrum of disciplines, a favourable student-teacher ratio and excellent infrastructure. There are currently more then 21,000 students enrolled at Universität Regensburg.


The UKR University Hospital founded in 1992, is available teaching and research purposes of the medical faculty of Universität Regensburg. Areas of research are immunopathology and immunotherapy, integrated functional genomics as well as transplantation medicine, among others.
With a Case Mix Index of 2,0, the University Hospital ranks at the top of university clinics in Germany.

Besides teaching, Universität Regensburg is also very actively involved in research, as shown by six special research areas supported by the German Research Society (DFG), DFG Research Units, graduate schools and its participation in research initiatives and EU projects, among others. Very close ties within as well as between the areas of research – university and non-university – are a typical feature of Universität Regensburg. The university is well set up for a dialogue between sciences and industry with FUTUR, an interdisciplinary service facility for knowledge and technology transfer.