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University College Copenhagen (KP)
University College Copenhagen (KP)
Copenhagen V, Denmark

University College Copenhagen (KP)

KP offers high quality study programmes and applied research activities that help improve our welfare - and we believe that international collaboration is a key driver for opening our minds, strengthening our knowledge and improving our daily work.

University College Copenhagen (KP) is one of Denmark’s main providers of teacher education, social education, nursing and social work. We also provide physiotherapy, psychomotor therapy, sign language and interpreting, textile design, handicraft and communication, midwifery, occupational therapy, nutrition and health, biomedical laboratory science, radiography and emergency and risk management – as well as postgraduate and supplementary diploma degrees within related fields.

International, professional and academic networking is at the heart of KP’s endeavors to enhance the quality of our study programmes, professional development activities and our research areas.

More than 20,000 students are currently enrolled at KP, and around 2000 staff members are working at KP. Bachelor programmes, post-graduate diploma studies and professional development courses are currently provided in different campus locations in Copenhagen and the Greater Copenhagen Area, as well as in our smaller campus locations at the island of Bornholm and in Aarhus.

KP prides itself on its democratic learning environment. Lecturers and students view each other as equals, there is a focus on group work, and students are encouraged to take individual responsibility for their own education. We adopt a cross-disciplinary approach to learning, use modern technology in the classroom, and work specifically with research-based knowledge that reflects on and interacts with practice.


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International partners, projects and network

KP works with partners all over the world and engages in a wide range of international activities. From student and staff exchange programs, global programs, practice placement and international partnerships to research and educational- curriculum- and practice development. KP collaborates with our partners in several externally funded international projects. Please see a full list of our current partnerships for students and staff exchange.

If you are interested in collaborating with KP and engaging in a partnership, please contact

For the recruitment, admission and education of international students KP is committed to the ethical guidelines formulated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science

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Collaborative Online International Learning, COIL

KP supports the unfolding, experimentation with, and integration of COIL projects into the everyday learning environments. We welcome interested international partners to join us in this endeavour. Please contact Rikke Pedersen, international office if you are interested in realising a COIL project together with us.